Taj Indian


Harpreet Singh
Chief Executive Officer

CEO's Message

Visionary – Over past years of evolutionary growth that span pre-internet digital services to today’s Web Development, Precision Marketing, and Social Media Platforms. We have been exceptional at learning, anticipating, reinventing, and, most of all, executing. Our purpose is all about “transforming the way people communicate.” It is a noble endeavor that never stops.

Clients – The prestige of the companies that we serve reflects our success. Companies invite us in because of the strength of our client list. They meet the people we have, see the work we do, assess the problems we solve, and then the client testimonials that complete the power of our capability and credibility. Clients often become our partners.

Assets – With our experience, tools, and skills, we are replete with Intellectual Property assets that enable us to leverage and optimize digital solutions. We play both “offensive and defense” equally as well. We rarely need external partners to meet the often comprehensive and complex solutions clients require.

People – Our professionals are constantly active, and for an activity to be a strength, one must be able to do it consistently. How do you measure strength? The power maximizes itself if one can fathom doing an action repeatedly, happily, and successfully. We have continually attracted people that love our activities love doing them, and love doing them well. They do so collectively as well as individually.

Gautam Kumar
VP, Sustainability & Management
Kartik Bathla
VP, Global Marketing
Prem Jolly
VP, Public Relations